Healthcare Facilities

How Isolated Power Benefits Healthcare Facilities

Isolated Power System Solutions by Bender Isotrol and Isolation Systems Limited

Isolated power systems offer an invaluable advantage: Early detection allows for critical systems to remain online in a single fault condition. Bender Isotrol / Isolation Systems Limited isolated power panels provide isolated power to electrical systems in operating rooms and other critical care areas. Utilizing the latest in line isolation monitoring technology, the LIM2010 provides advanced warning of faults to help reduce downtime and increase operational efficiencies. Bender Isotrol isolated power system equipment is designed in strict compliance with UL 1047, UL 1022, and UL 50. NFPA 99 requires isolated power in "wet" locations and other areas where power interruption cannot be tolerated.

Bender Isotrol / Isolation Systems Limited offers a complete solution for healthcare facilities that include fault detection, fault location, and remote communication to personnel:

  • Isolated power panels of many varieties
  • X-ray and laser receptacles with remote indicator options
  • Single-phase, low profile transformers for use in isolated power systems
  • The LIM2010 line isolation monitor for premier monitoring in healthcare facilities
  • Ground fault location equipment for locating the source of faults
  • Digital clocks and timers
  • Remote indicators and advanced remote indicating stations
  • Remote communication integration, including Ethernet and Modbus/TCP

Bender Isotrol / Isolation Systems Limited supports activities ranging from the conceptual phase through the final systems certification. A wide range of services are provided by factory authorized technicians, including checkout certifications, and retrofitting services.