Grid Energy Storage Systems

Enhanced Grid Storage Safety Solutions

As power generation evolves around the world to meet demand, more smart grids require the storage of excess generated electricity to maximize peak efficiency. With every year, battery storage systems become more and more ubiquitous.

Smart electical safety equipment is a must to help today's smart grids operate. Proper electrical safety doesn't just protect personnel - it helps protect equipment from electrical and fire damage, helping to extend the life expectancy of equipment. With over 70 years of electrical safety experience, Bender is a global leader in providing safety equipment to help smart grids maximize uptime and efficiency.

Grounded Energy Storage Systems

Grounded energy storage systems range in size from small backup systems, to huge battery networks storing power for the grid. A ground fault in ESS, which can be either AC or DC, can cause moderate to high magnitude currents to flow, and must be detected quickly. The RCMA423 provides AC/DC ground fault detection, with alarm trip levels as low as 30 mA and as high as 3 A. The digital display shows measured values in real-time. Two voltage-free contact outputs may be used to notify systems of detected faults, or used in combination with an interruption device.

For large-scale battery networks, the RCMS series ground fault monitors provide the power of Bender's AC/DC ground fault detection for multiple branches in a single device. Up to 12 separate inverters / battery strings can be monitored from a single device for AC/DC ground faults. The digital display show the status of all channels in real-time. The RCMS460 features a common output for notifying systems of ground faults, while the RCMS490 features individual outputs for each branch.

Ungrounded Energy Storage Systems

Ungrounded energy storage systems provide the advantage of first-fault conditions creating negligible to no fault currents to ground. Fast detection of first-fault conditions in energy storage systems allows for troubleshooting of equipment while the system remains online. The iso1685P provides maximum system monitoring for ungrounded ESS of all sizes. The iso1685P monbitors an entire system's insulation resistance to ground from a single point. Measurements maintain accuracy even on systems with high leakage capacitances.

Combining the iso1685P with EDS series devices creates an automatic fault location system. Up to twelve strings can be monitored from a single EDS device. Ground faults are located automatically and while the system remains online. Both devices are compatible with Bender's communication systems, remotely notifying staff and technicians of located faults.