Ships and Shipboard Power

BENDER provides monitoring equipment to marine applications, both on the ship and on the shore. On the ship, BENDER provides advanced monitoring equipment that both detects and locates ground faults in ship subsystems, including advanced ground fault detectors for replacing old three light bulb monitoring systems. For shore power, BENDER provides a complete monitoring solution for both feeders and branches in compliance with the new 2011 National Electric Code article 555.3.

Shipboard - Ground Fault Detection

BENDER's IRDH series of ground fault detectors provide advanced warning of ground faults before leakage current may even be present. By monitoring the system's insulation resistance, the IRDH offers many advantages over three-light-bulb detection systems found on board ships, including:

  • Detects fault levels that may not necessarily present themselves clearly with a three light bulb system
  • Explicit values and alarm levels allow for precise measurement of faults
  • Detects symmetrical faults
  • Allows the power system to remain truly ungrounded
  • Remote communication of alarms and values

A digital display allows for readings in real-time. A remote communication option is available for connecting the device to a master alarm station.

Shipboard - Ground Fault Location

BENDER offers both installed and portable ground fault location solutions for both detecting and locating ground faults. When used together, the IRDH575 ground detector and EDS490 ground fault location modules provide the ability to automatically detect and locate faults, and communicate the respective alarms remotely. Each EDS490 module can monitor up to 12 separate branches to locate a fault, once the IRDH575 detector has detected a fault. When connected together via RS-485, the devices can be connected to a remote station to give technicians and personnel advanced warning of developing faults.

Additionally, the EDS3090 portable ground fault location system allows technicians to locate faults quickly when one is present. A completely standalone portable kit is available, as well as a version that works with an installed IRDH575 ground detector.

Shore Power

The 2011 National Electric Code now requires ground fault protection on shore power for marinas. BENDER's MarinaGuard series satisfies these requirements by providing a simple, easy-to-install package for monitoring ground faults on both main feeders and individual branches. Clear indication of a fault is given with the strobe light on top of the enclosure. Options include monitoring single feeders, monitoring multiple feeders, or monitoring branches leading out to individual pedestals. Contact outputs are available to provide indication to a harbor master's station.