Offshore Platforms

OPITO Certified Technicians

Bender now offers on-site service and support for offshore installations with OPITO certified technicians. Contact Bender for more information.

Online Monitoring of Subsystems

Bender utilizes the latest in ground fault detection and location technology to ensure that critical ungrounded subsystems retain a high level of availability and safety on offshore platforms. The IRDH575 ground detector continuously monitors the connected ungrounded systems for ground faults that may occur, even before leakage current may be present. Remote communication capabilities ensure that main technical stations are notified if a ground fault occurs. Automated standby capabilities ensure that systems connected via a tiebreaker are properly and continuously monitored, whether the tiebreaker is open or closed.

When combined with the iso685-D-P ground detector, EDS series location modules provide a complete, automated ground fault location solution in ungrounded systems. EDS series modules will locate which branch of the ungrounded system has a fault, after a ground fault has been detected. All fault detection and location processes occur while the system stays online, retaining a high level of availability. Remote communication capabilities ensure that technical personnel are immediately notified when a fault occurs and is located.

Offline Monitoring of Topside Equipment

Much equipment, including topside motors on platforms, remain offline for long periods of time. This equipment still requires proper ground fault monitoring. The IR420-D6 monitors for ground faults while this equipment is offline. The IR420-D6 works on grounded, high-resistance grounded, or ungrounded offline systems. Two widely adjustable alarm values are available. Dry contacts are available to notify a remote system in the case of a fault. A digital display shows the alarm value being read in real-time.