With its roots founded in the mining industry over 70 years ago, BENDER has become a global leader in ground fault protection and electrical safety equipment to the mining industry. Our years of technical experience and broad portfolio of products ensure that your mining personnel and equipment are protected using the latest technology.

Systems with Variable Frequency Drives

The RCMA423 is an advanced ground fault monitor for grounded and high resistance grounded AC/DC systems. Using the latest monitoring technology, the RCMA423 works on AC, mixed AC/DC, and pure DC systems, as well as systems containing medium to large size variable frequency drives (VFDs). The true RMS reading ensures an accurate reading without the issues associated with nuisance tripping. The RCMA423 is also ideal for monitoring battery systems and pumps, as well as other complex mining equipment.

Ungrounded Systems

Ungrounded systems provide an invaluable advantage - a first ground fault does not create sufficient leakage current to ground. Utilizing the IRDH275 ensures that this first fault is detected while the system remains online. The advanced AMP Plus measuring principle works on systems with all forms of power conversion, including mixed AC/DC, pure DC, and systems with variable frequency drives (VFDs). Remote communication options are available.

Trailing Cable Integrity

Proper integrity of the trailing ground cable is vital. The GM420 monitors the integrity of trailing cables with pilot wire by measuring the resistance of the ground loop. While checking for whether a connection exists, the GM420 also monitors the quality of the connection with a very accurate loop resistance measurement. The GM420 is also idea for monitoring the integrity of equipment grounding.