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  • RCMA423

    Digital ground fault monitor for grounded and high-resistance grounded AC/DC systems

    This devices meets or exceeds compliance with the upcoming 2014 NEC 250.167(B) code for ground fault detection on grounded DC systems.

    The RCMA423 monitors for ground fault current in grounded and high-resistance grounded AC systems, both single-phase and three-phase, as well as pure DC and mixed AC/DC systems. The RCMA423 reads a true RMS value, and displays the read ground fault current in real-time on the built-in digital display. The RCMA420 features a steplessly adjustable setpoint from 30 mA to 3 A. Along with the main alarm value, a prewarning alarm, set as a percentage of the main alarm value (50 to 100%), may be set.

    All settings for the device are changed via the device's onboard, easy-to-use menu. Three separate time delays may be utilized - a trip delay (0 to 10 s), a startup delay (0 to 10 s), and a delay on release (0 to 99 s). Two SPDT alarm relays may be set to normally energized or normally de-energized operation, and may be set to latching or non-latching operation. An external BENDER current transformer is required for operation.

    Compatible current transformers include the entire WAB series.

  • Key Features: RCMA423

    • Ground fault monitoring for grounded and high-resistance grounded AC/DC systems
    • True RMS reading
    • Digital display showing ground fault current in real-time
    • Adjustable response value from 30 mA to 3 A
    • Many different current transformer sizes available
    • Built-in test and reset button
    • Connections for external test and reset
    • Optional versions with analog outputs
    • Adjustable time delays for response delay, startup delay, and delay on release
    • Latching or non-latching operation, selectable
    • 2 SPDT Form-C contact outputs, normally energized or de-energized operation, selectable
  • Applications: RCMA423

    • Ground fault detection in grounded and high-resistance AC/DC systems
    • Branch monitoring
    • Variable frequency drives (VFDs)
    • Batteries and battery backup systems
    • Motors and motor control systems
    • Generators, portable and fixed
    • Alarm systems, safety devices
    • General industrial systems
    • Controls and control systems
    • Heat tracing systems
  • Ordering information: RCMA423

    NameResponse Value0...400 μA analog output0(4)...20 mA analog output0...10 V analog outputSPDT contact outputSupply VoltageOrdering Number
    RCMA423-D-130 - 3000 mA 2AC 16 - 72 V (42 - 460 Hz) DC 9.6 - 94 V B94043023
    RCMA423-D-230 - 3000 mA 2AC 70 - 300 V (42 - 460 Hz) DC 70 - 300 V B94043025
  • Downloads: RCMA423

    Document Name Language Date Download
    Technical Bulletin / Datasheet
    English 04.2013
    Installation Bulletin
    English 09.2011
    Menu Overview / Settings Checklist
    English 08.2013
    User Manual
    English 05.2016
    Overview of Products
    English 06.2017
    3D STEP Drawing
    420 Series (Connector Terminals)
    N/A 06.2013
  • Accessories: RCMA423

    AC/DC Current Transformers

    Current transformers for RCMA420, RCMA423, and RCMS series ground fault monitors (AC/DC systems)

    NameOrdering Number
    Connector Cables

    Connector cables for RCMA and RCMS series ground fault monitors

    NameOrdering Number