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  • COM465IP

    Ethernet and Modbus/TCP communication gateway for BENDER devices

    The COM465IP is an advanced communication gateway which connects Bender devices to modern communication networks. The dual-function device provides a modern, easy-touse web interface accessible from a web browser on virtually any device. Additionally, the COM465IP allows for the integration of Bender equipment into Modbus/TCP industrial ethernet networks.

    Recommended for new installations or retrofitting into existing Ethernet or Modbus/TCP networks.

  • Key Features: COM465IP

    • Gateway - add supported Bender and third party devices to communication networks
    • Web browser interface - Fully-featured, easy-to-use interface; accessible from web browsers on connected devices
    • Universal interface - Check the status of devices across multiple communication protocols on a single screen
    • Modbus support - Connect supported Bender devices to Modbus/TCP networks
    • Multiple ways to connect - Connect Bender devices to the COM465IP through Ethernet (newer devices) or RS-485 (legacy devices)
    • Virtual setpoints - create custom alarms involving multiple devices and mathematical operations
    • Third party device support - Connect Modbus devices to view status and integrate into virtual setpoints
    • Unique naming - Identify devices with custom names
    • E-mail notifications - Receive e-mails on specified trigger events
    • Settings - Change device settings for connected Bender equipment
    • Visualizations - Visual overviews of systems with equipment locations; identify physical locations of alarms with no programming required
  • Applications: COM465IP

    • Modern building management systems and information networks
    • Centralization of alarm information
    • Fast remote notification of alarms
    • Integration into Ethernet and Modbus/TCP networks
    • Locations requiring fast, remote notification of maintenance personnel
  • Ordering information: COM465IP

    NameDescriptionOrdering Number
    COM465IP-230VMain deviceB95061065
    COM465IP-24VMain deviceB95061066
    OPTION AAdd-on, custom names and alarm messages, PDF reportingB75061011
    OPTION BAdd-on, full-featured Modbus/TCP gatewayB75061012
    OPTION CAdd-on, remote setting modification of devices, PDF reportingB75061013
    OPTION DAdd-on, system visualization importB75061012
  • Downloads: COM465IP

    Document Name Language Date Download
    Technical Bulletin / Datasheet
    English 03.2016
    User Manual
    English 01.2016
    User Manual
    Modbus TCP Integration
    English 12.2016
    Overview of Products
    English 06.2017
  • Accessories: COM465IP