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Ground Fault Products for Grounded and HRG Systems

Monitoring and Protection Panels

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  • GFGC Series

    Ground fault and ground continuity panel for universal voltages up to 600 VAC

    GFGC series panels provide an all-in-one solution for ground fault detection, ground continuity monitoring, and interruption in case of an alarm. Utilizing the latest in technology, the GFGC panels can detect both AC and DC ground fault currents down to 6 mA without the problems associated with high sensitivity nuisance tripping. The panel also verifies ground connection integrity over a widely adjustable range. A built-in unversal voltage selection allows use of the panel on common system voltages from 120 VAC to 600 VAC (see datasheet for available voltage options). Panels rated for 30 A, 60 A, and 100 A of load current are available.

  • Key Features: GFGC Series

    • All-in-one package for ground fault monitoring, ground connection integrity, open ground detection, and interruption of power
    • Universal voltage selection of common voltages from 120 VAC to 600 VAC
    • 6 mA ground fault trip level
    • Inverse time curve for interrupting circuit on a ground fault
    • Open ground detection
    • Adjustable ground integrity alarm point between 0.1 Ω to 100 Ω
    • NEMA 4/12 rated enclosure
    • External test and reset buttons
    • External LED indication for power and ground fault / ground continuity alarms
    • Internal real-time indications of ground fault current and ground integrity via digital displays
  • Applications: GFGC Series

    • Ground fault detection in grounded systems
    • Ground continuity monitoring
    • Loading docks
    • Fueling stations
    • Systems requiring frequent user connections / disconnections
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    Technical Bulletin / Datasheet
    GFGC Series
    English 03.2010
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