Product Selection Tool

Relay Selection for Grounded / HRG Systems

Use this tool to assist in selecting a ground fault monitor for grounded or high-resistance grounded systems. This tool is for reference only. Once a part number has been obtained, please contact a BENDER representative to discuss your application.

1) System Voltage Type

Please specify the system voltage type (AC or DC). An example of a mixed AC/DC system would be AC being rectified into DC with no isolation.

2) Drives

Select Yes if your system contains variable frequency drives (VFDs), inverters, or rectifiers. Otherwise, select No.

3) Available Options

Select any of the below options that you would like the device to have available. More than one (or none) may be selected.

4) Special Applications

Certain applications require specific devices. If your application is below, please check it. Otherwise, leave these fields unchecked.

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