Digital ground fault detector for ungrounded AC/DC systems


This device meets or exceeds the requirements of NEC 250.21(B) and CEC 10-106(2) for ground detectors in ungrounded AC systems, as well as the 2014 requirement of NEC 250.167(A) for ungrounded DC systems.

The iso685 is the newest generation of ground fault monitoring for ungrounded AC/DC systems. Encompassing Bender's extensive expertise in ungrounded systems into one device, the iso685 works on virtually all types of systems, with simple installation and preset settings features.

The iso685 connects to systems up to 690 VAC / 1000 VDC, and is compatible with systems with variable frequency drives (VFD / ASD). Optional voltage couplers extend this voltage range. During initial setup, the iso685 features predefined profiles that tailors the device's settings to your application. The onboard isoGraph feature allows for trending the system's insulation resistance over time - no software required.

A variety of alarm outputs are available, including dry contacts, analog outputs, audible buzzer, and remote communication options.

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