Ground fault detector for large scale isolated (ungrounded) systems and solar arrays


This device meets or exceeds the following code requirements:

  • NEC 690.35 and CEC 64-018(1)(e) for ground fault detection on ungrounded solar arrays
  • NEC 250.21(B) and CEC 10-106(2) for ground fault detection on ungrounded AC systems
  • NEC 250.167(A) for ground fault detection on ungrounded DC systems

Designed specifically for large scale ungrounded systems and photovoltaic systems, the iso1685P ground fault detector provides early indication of ground faults before leakage current may even be present. The device detects both AC and DC ground faults by monitoring the system's insulation resistance. The iso1685 can connect to systems up to 1000 VAC / 1500 VDC. Two separately adjustable response values are available. Two SPDT contacts are available to trip on an active alarm, as well as a third SPDT contact for system and device errors. RS-485 communication is integrated for connection to BENDER's remote communication system. The iso1685 also supports connecting to Bender's ground fault location system for ungrounded systems.

The iso1685P can be combined with other equipment to create a ground fault location system. Faults can be located down to the faulty string with both portable and fixed installed equipment.

The iso1685P may also be used for determining PV system isolation prior to startup on both grounded and ungrounded solar arrays.

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