Multi-channel, digital ground fault monitor for grounded and high-resistance grounded AC/DC systems


This devices meets or exceeds compliance with the upcoming 2014 NEC 250.167(B) code for ground fault detection on grounded DC systems.

The RCMS460 monitors for ground faults in grounded and high-resistance grounded AC/DC systems, both single- and three-phase. The RCMS460 is capable of monitoring up to twelve separate systems or branches from one device. Each channel may be set to a separate alarm value. AC circuits may be set to an alarm value of 6 mA to 20 A. DC and mixed AC/DC circuits may be set to an alarm value of 10 mA to 10 A. One DPDT contact output for the device may be set to normally energized or normally de-energized operation, latching or non-latching.

The detailed LCD display is capable of showing a detailed analysis of the system, including: a chart showing each channel's ground fault current in real-time; individual alarm messages for each channel; and an easy-to-use menu for settings.

The RCMS460 features three separate time delays - a response delay (0 - 999 s), a startup delay (0 - 99 s), and a delay on release (0 - 999 s). Additional features include a harmonics analysis chart, selectable filtering options, and compatibility with BENDER's gateway devices for connecting to Ethernet and Modbus/TCP networks.

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