Ground fault and neutral grounding resistor (NGR) monitor for high-resistance grounded (HRG) systems


The NGRM700 is a multi-purpose device used for monitoring high-resistance grounded (HRG) systems for ground faults, as well as monitoring the integrity of the neutral grounding resistor (NGR). A digital display shows all measured values in real time. Passive and active measurement methods are used for NGR monitoring, enhancing accuracy. The NGRM700 includes many advanced features, including AC and DC fault detection, online and offline NGR integrity monitoring, indication of faulted phase, location pulser, and more. The integrated HMI is detachable for panel door mounting. Combining the device with an RCMS series multi-channel relay allows for automatic branch fault location and shutdown. A built-in web server and Modbus/TCP support allows for reading values on demand across industrial Ethernet networks.

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