Digital ground fault detector for ungrounded AC/DC systems


This device meets or exceeds the requirements of NEC 250.21(B) and CEC 10-106(2) for ground detectors in ungrounded AC systems, as well as the new 2014 requirement of NEC 250.167(A) for ungrounded DC systems.

The IRDH375 monitors for ground faults in ungrounded single-phase AC, three-phase AC, and DC systems by monitoring the system's insulation resistance. It may be connected to systems of AC 0...793 V and DC 0...650 V. Optional voltage coupler accessories extend this range. The AMP Plus measuring principle utilized by the IRDH375 meets the requirements of modern power systems, including pure DC systems, systems with rectifiers, and systems with variable frequency drives (VFDs). In systems with high leakage capacitances, the IRDH375 automatically adapts itself to ensure a reliable reading.

The IRDH375 features a digital display showing the system's insulation resistance in real-time. All settings are changed via the device's built-in menu. The IRDH375 utilizes an external supply voltage for power, which allows deenergized systems to also be monitored.

The IRDH375 is a panel mounted type device. For the DIN rail mounted version, please refer to the IRDH275.

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