EDS461 Series

Ground fault location module for small ungrounded AC/DC systems


Compatible with IRDH575 and LIM2010

The EDS461 ground fault location module, in combination with the appropriate ground fault detector, locates branch faults in ungrounded AC/DC systems. Up to 12 separate branches may be monitored by one EDS461 device. Up to 90 EDS devices may be connected together, for a total of 1080 branches simultaneously monitored. The EDS461 works on both AC and DC systems, including systems with variable frequency drives (VFDs). Devices are interconnected via RS-485 to automate the process of locating faults. An LCD display shows which branch has the ground fault after it has been located. One common DPDT contact is built into the EDS460.

The EDS461 is used with the IRDH575 ground detector or LIM2010 line isolation monitor, and is designed for small control networks or isolated power systems. It features a common DPDT contact output.

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