EDS441 Series

Ground fault location module for ungrounded AC/DC systems


Compatible with iso685 "P" models

When combined with select Bender ground fault detectors and line isolation monitors, EDS440 and EDS441 modules provide automatic ground fault location on ungrounded AC and DC systems. EDS440 / EDS441 devices are compatible with virtually all types of electrical systems, including main distribution networks, healthcare isolated power systems, and more. Up to twelve (12) branches can be monitored by a single module, with the option to easily add more modules.

Each branch / load is monitored by a single current transformer, connected to the fault location system. Once a ground fault is detected by the compatible Bender ground fault detector / isolation monitor, a tracer signal is generated. The tracer signal is scanned by the EDS440 / EDS441 to locate the fault down to the faulty branch / load.

For EDS440-L and EDS441-L models, channels with detected ground faults are indicated by an easy-to-read numerical LED. For EDS440-S models, all indication is provided on the connected iso685 device, centralizing display functionality.

EDS440 models are designed for small control systems and isolated power systems.

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