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Current Transformer Selection

This page will assist you in finding the right current transformer to meet your system's needs.
Please follow the steps below.

For a complete listing of our current transformer line, please click here.

Also please note, we recommend contacting a sales engineer at 1-800-356-4266 if you have any of the following:

  • Your system does not use THHN wiring and you do not know the approximate equivalent
  • There are multiple conductors per phase
  • The conductors are not bound together
  • Busbars will be placed through the current transformer

Step 1: Have you already selected a ground fault monitor to use with your current transformer(s)?
If you have not, please refer to our page for ground fault monitors for grounded systems.

Step 2: Please describe your system and chosen monitor using the options below.

a) Your wire gauge:

b) Your phases:

c) Your monitor:

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